Monday, May 21, 2007

Gonna Miss you all....

This post is specially to all my beloved friends...

Chem Eng Nite-Everyone in Mis-matched outfit

Petaling Street hang out

My Birthday

Whenever i think of my friends are flying off to UK this September, I really feel sad and hope that time can rewind back to the time when I first met them. Our relationships were strengthen after we moved to the Jungle- Semenyih. We become closer after each battlement (CEL, RnD, PM project, etc). We spent days and nites to rush for assignment to meet the datelines.

HongMei The one who bought me Smiley face bun when I juz broke up wiv my ex. She's also the 'furtune-teller' in our gang. She predicts things pretty accurate. Some ppl are kinda scared of her and feel insecured as she can see what's in their mind. Hmm.. Next yr mostly she ll continue her MBA in Unim, hope that i still can hang out wiv her often.

I would never forget the time when both of us sat at the sofa outside MISC classroom to share our stories and her encouragement when I was very down. Thanks girl. *Hugz* There was once we went to the Mc D in petaling Street, she was the one who taught me how delicous those French Fries can be by adding in pepper to the tomato/Chilli sauce. Yummy... She is one of the most active Sing K kaki. She can easily get high. Haha.. N her muz Sing songs included the songs from Tata Young, 'Ferenheit'....

Dear, Thanks for boiling 'leong-sui' to me when I was sick.
She is the v first girl friend I know once I entered Unim. She was always the one went to MISC v early and 'chop' place for us. Haha.. N she din really pay attention in first yr maths class coz she is v pro in maths. She would usually do other coursework during the maths class.

She is also my housemate. Sorry that cant help you much when u have prob in your relationship. But I am always by your side to support you and willing to be the listener. I am sure that you all can settle it pretty well. Jia You~~~

I always told you that I wont miss you when you go UK. I am here to tell you that I will miss you more than those animals. Haha.. Bler.. =P

My doggie friend!!!
What can I say about him??
I have forgotten how I get to know him and forgotten how both of us ended up become sms kaki. Since when both of us started to quarrel at least once a week yet still can be good friend?
He is indeed a very cute friend and tend to be 'heavy colour light friend' ( His Quote). Well, as an super understanding fren like me, sure i wont blame him for doing so. Haha ..He is always the one who would appear to 'rescue' his catty fren when she was in big trouble and wont really show up for small trouble. Why ah??
Hmm... Hope that flower hearted bee can find his beloved flower in one day. Wish you all the best and strive for what you want.
By the time the BEE movie on screen (November), you will be in UK, I wish that we can watch that movie together. *Sob* *Sob*

Nicholas aka XiangSheng A v Smart guy in our class and is also a gentleman.
A caring friend with big eyes and cute rabbit tooth.

Hmm.. Get to know him better after being same group with him for Research and Development (RnD) project. Everyone of us has 24 hours per day, but he seems to have 48hr/day because he plays hard yet still obtain very good result. *Envy* *jealous* ... Hahaha...
I am grateful to have Nic always gave me a lift back to home after school, go for lunch, dinner, hang out, movie, sing k, etc etc.. Thanks a lot. =)
He is also the one whom I can share my happiness and sadness with. Well, he just told me that my born elastic modulus has dropped due to previously I ate too much of instant noodles. no worry, I ll gain it back by drinking more milk. Haha...

Jerry aka Mousey
He is my 'zi ji' who thinks a lot and thinks himself is a v simple ppl yet we think he is super complicated. Haha..
He 'sweats' a lot ( as in when you chat with him thru sms or msn, he would 'swt' a lot, not the real sweat k). Other than that, he is superb caring for his loves one and would do anything juz to cheer her up. In other words, he's v sweet. Hoho..
Miss the time we spent back to year 1 and 2. Lotsa memory flashed back... No matter wat happen, you are still my Zi Ji. Cat and mouse cant really stay peacefully rite? 'Tom' is always being fooled and bullied by 'Jerry'? Hmmm...


Ell was my lab groupmate when we were in yr 1. She is v efficient in doing her work.
During yr 2, her room was our gathering spot. There was once she accidentally thrown her 'Eo' (dunno how to spell) out of her window. she almost killed him. Haha...

Throughout the year 1 whole lab session, I wouldnt forget out last lab which was so time consuming the machine was super cacat, and she kept saying 'Is it time? Is it time?'


Chee Siong
I wasnt closed with him at all when we were still in MISC. But I always heard that Kahlin called him to discuss how to write the lab report ( coz they were in the same group).

In the second yr, we stayed on campus hostel and he bacame our 'si fu' to teach us.
He is indeed a SUPER helpful and generous friend. Healways treat us to eat Loong Foong food, so I would like to take this opportunity to promote his parents' Restaurant- Loong Foong. Haha..
It would take me 3 days 3 nites to type out what have you done to help. Deep in my heart, i really feel thankful. Thank you very much CheeSiong!! =)
If he doesnt want to be a chemical engineer after he graduated? He can consider to be a barber? Chief? Plumber? Wine 'maker'? Wine tester? Cigerrate Tester? Etc...

He cut his own hair with Alan's help i guess. Kahlin ever told me that it's v expensive to cut hair in UK, so DH can help his hengdai to cut their hair by charging them. But the prob is ' Do the hengdai DARE to risk their lengchai hair+head?' Hmm.. I am in doubt...

I like to eat his famous 'Terung'. Yummy.. When are u going to cook for me?

Alan aka Taiko
Alan- The Taiko of the class, he has become our class rap for 3 years consecutively, I think he ll still be the one in 4th yr. Hehe..

Juz like wat i read from his personal description in friendster, He would get sick if he doesnt go jogging. Haha.. Anyway, he's living a v healthy lifestyle and he is good in time management. Thx for all your help throughout the sem, esp in my study. =)

Glad to see you enjoying your 'Spring' season with your beloved flower blooming around you. Wish you all the Best.

I am gonna miss you all so so so much. Thanks for everything you have given me/ help me. Without you all, my outstation student life in semenyih wont be so fantastic. Thanx a lot. *Muacks*
Actually there are still lotsa of friends whom I not managed to upload their pic. If you are reading this post but your pic is not here, I am so sorry. Mayb you can leave your comment here, I promise I will post a one article juz MAINLY about you. Hahaha...
Miss you all...


  1. Hey..... I just want to say you are most welcome..... I am sorry haha for not reading this earlier.... well after reading this article.... I felt touched (well guys too feel touched sometimes but only on special occasion).... I just want to let u know that you will always be one of my good friends that I have ever know.... It will always be like that till my eternal life.... I definately miss your present too when I am in uk... so do keep in touch!!!

  2. BTW, I ll miss your Moo Moo atos too!! Coz it has brought us to many places. Lolz~~

  3. Well the Moo Moo atos will still be around PJ perhaps.. if u one day drop by to Loong Foong.... you will still see it there.... but for how long... I am not sure... hahaha

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