Friday, October 27, 2006

不知怎么的, 我和一个朋友老是像火星撞地球,三天和好两天吵架,话说我们也不小了。哎。。。真是的。。 搞得身边的朋友都认为我们极度幼稚,我自认不太成熟,但也不算幼稚吧!就这样毁了我的形象,真悲哀。

或许猫和狗很难可以和平相处,火星人和地球人有不同的思想。 我只祈求我的睡神可以帮帮忙,让我摆脱这无聊的困境,真郁闷!!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Moon Cake Festival

Three weeks have passed by just in a blink of eyes. I played more than studied in these few weeks. Hahaa..

We celebrated mooncake festival in Chee Siong's place in TTS5. It was so called 'Chem Eng' gathering since 99% of the guests from Chem Eng. After eating, we walked from TTS 5 to UNiM carrying those cute lanters. For those who missed this should regret for going back too early. Haha..

Although this pic looks blur, I still like it. =)

Anyway, I cant see myself in the pic though....
The two girls with long legs can easily be seen who are Mei Yee (9th from left) and imelda (3rd from right). I think i was standing beside Imelda?