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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday !!
to my Xmas tree~~
This tree was planted one year ago. Just now I went to Ruo Mei's place to learn how to 'bake' Tiramitsu. It's now in the fridge, I'll post up the pic if it's a success one. Lolz~~
Xmas is just around the corner. But life is super bz as it's the end of the semester, tonnes of coursework to be completed. OMG!! There are too many due dates to meet. *Sob Sob* And my stupid kingston pendrive went wrong at this moment! SHit!! I dun even hv the free time to get a new one. Who has extra pen drive??
Once again, wish my tree happy birthday. Please feel free to drop any message on the tree. If u insist to send me present, plz send it to No1, TTS2/4A, Taman Tasik Semenyih..... Haha...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fish Leong (梁靜茹) - 崇拜


看了它的mv更是让我一头雾水. 它真正要表达的意思是什么呢? 有没有人可以告诉我?

是不是那女孩崇拜那老人, 但老人以为爱,就是被爱. 女孩失望, 认为老人挥霍了她的崇拜, 结果选择离开?



Friday, November 16, 2007

ACE Hotdog Eating Competition

Just for those who doesnt know about ACE, actually it's a charity society in nottingham m'sia campus. ACE stands for Action with Compassion and Empathy. Hmm.. This is the first activity organised by the committee. Wat a success for them!! As u can c the crowd from the pic below. All the committee members + some helpful volunteers members came to help up. So far, ACE has been organised lotsa activities throughout the years. Haha.. This yr I'm the student advisor for this society aka goyang kaki committee. I seldom attend the meeting coz it clashes with my lecture time. BUT i did attend this activity. Hmm.. Let's c those pic taken by cameraman.

It's really a multi nationalities compatition coz we hv contestants from Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc... I guess this guy is a mobility student from UK nottingham? The was one of the contestant in the final.

C!! We hv a representative from LABUAN!! ( I know labuan is not a country tho) Haha..

Hey guy, the way u eat juz dun seem to be u r hving a competition. Lol..

C!! Another rep from SARAWAK!!!

Ohyeah! SWALLOWING food is faster than EATING rite?

Winner of the Competition. Who ate 8 sausage+bread within 3min in the first round and 4.5 superior sausage bread in the final in 3min oso.

She is this yr ACE president. As the pic shown, tat's the 'superior' sausage bread for the finale.
To check out more pictures,

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To Pang,

Almost all of ur frens call u Jason, but i prefer to call u Pang.

I know that u r v stress with ur exam preparation. Chill chill.. Think of the good time after the exam when u can come back to Malaysia. Do u Miss ur mum's cooking? Do u Miss ur nieces n nephew? Do u Miss ur Lahad Datu frens? Do u Miss Tanjung Aru Beach? Do u Miss me? Haha..

Haih.. I miss the time we spent together..

There was a time when u drove all the way to buy us 7-11 float coz we told u that we wanted to drink. The sofa in ur sis house was comfortable. We watched Ice Age 1 in ur sis house rite? ( I guess tat sofa is no longer there?) Y din u invite us to ur house for dinner as u always cook for ur sis n boyboy. The instant soup meehoon with egg i cooked for u was supposed to be with SOUP, somehow i poured too little water n ended up to be DRY Meehoon with egg. Lolz.. Wat a good 'chief'!!!

SA 2961 W.. The car which brought us to hang around KK. We wished tat ur car would drink milk, so tat can fly up to mt kinabalu. Muahaha.. Hmm.. Ur driving skill is excellent!! ( Ok, I hv added another good point of u to the list)

Hmm.. U used to be my Master during the Trip to Kundasang while I was ur Angel. In the end of the trip, u gave me a v v big Origami. Our group scored the highest point for the acting session. Aaron aka Bio Tan, U aka Emily Tiong, Ahseng n me were the students being scolded by u, SR was extremely good in imitating the way Bio Tan speaks. I hv forgotten wat's the role of Peijen, iggy n shanmin..

Ohya, u hv ur own 'language' rite?? Pang Peng Piang Pong Pung Peng.. Somehow I hv forgotten how to create a sentence using ur language.. I'm sorry bout tat..

Wish u good luck in ur exam. Gambateh!! Take care!!

I hv no idea y does the pic look like this???? ( It 's extremely in good condition b4 i got it uploaded). Hoho.. So happy tat u all cant c how do i look like during A level time.. Bler.. =P

Saturday, October 27, 2007


SLeepy mode..

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let me introduce my new sing K kaki, L-R ( HuiJiun, QianHui, Ivan, Kenny). We went to eat Ampang Tau Fu on tat day with lotsa juniors.

Dinner of the nite for the whole family. RuoMei was complained coz I hv never cook 'proper food' to her for the previous one yr when we were staying together. Keke.. For your information, when i cook for my own meal, i would mix everything together to save cooking time n be environmental friendly-save gas usage, less CO2 or CO emission. Haha.. Shall I be awarded for being considerate? Next time we shall let the guys in the house ( Papa and Mama) to cook for us.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hong Mei's Bday

Plz dun ask me whether it's her 20th Birthday. Frankly speaking, I dunno. Women are mostly sensitive in telling ppl's their age. Btw, she's the one n only friend who seems to be very blur about her birthday.

Who never wished her from UK? Be honest!!!! Haha... Well, all these pictures seem to be quite out-dated as they were taken last month. There are some more taken using Grace's camera- pink in colour.

There was a day in last sem, Kah Lin told me it's HongMei's bday (Lunar calendar), so we decided to give her a surprise. We went to Fajar to buy her a Tiramitsu cake with Red Egg prepared by ourselves. Three of us ( Imelda, Kah Lin, me) went to her house. She was really surprise, coz it was not her Bday!!!! haha.. I felt shy, super shy.. Haha.. But it is now part of our memory.

Birthday Drink given by Beach Cafe. FOC!! Alan Dai Go posed with the drink. Basically it's just syrup Ice blended.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mooncake Fest pic~~

We played lanterns and candles in the play ground near ChinHoe's house. There were about 20 juniors joined us. We din really have time to mix up or take a group picture coz it rained out of a sudden. Grr...

With our Bees, Mashimaro and Transformer lanterns.

We were trying to burn Chinhoe's house. Keke..

My Lovely housemates: (L-R) Ivan, ChinHoe, Qianhui, HuiJiun and me.

This picture 'sui' or not? Sui dang dang~~ Haha.. Lolz..
*My first blog in blogspot was about last yr mooncake festival. You would see a big difference in the amount of ppl in the pic. Plz click on to have a look.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy MoonCake Festival!!!

Tonite I'm going to celebrate with housemates. Lanterns, candles are ready, we gonna burn Chinhoe's house. Oops.. I'm juz kidding. Haha.. One of the Kawaii Bee lantern is mine.

Juz now I went to eat broga pan mee. After eating half way, I realised my bowl of pan mee 'ka liu', which is in high protein with hair inside. Swt.. I had no appetite to continue it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


A fren of mine told me about this stupid robbery in Bandar Sunway Semenyih. There were 3 'robbers' who broke in a house in bandar sunway semenyih at nite time. The 'robbers' tied the girl's hand by using hand phone charger and asked the guy to hold a big pillow then tied his hands up. Their hands were shaking when showing out the knife. They just took gas stove, maggie mee, some food, money away.

There was a v nice laptop in the room which they never took away. I guess it's sth useless to them, what they want is daily neccesity. After the robbers left, the couple went to the guard house seek for help. One of the guard was sleeping while the other one was playing computer game. The guard who was sleeping asked his colleague to go, but his colleague said : Takut lah... Swt.. In this case, what for having the two guards?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

First week of Sem 7

The class has become so quiet. There are 7 MEng + 4 Msc students at the moment. OMG!! I miss all of my coursemates in UK so much. I guess all of them are having a great time in nottingham campus n are bz settling down.

It gonna a bz semester as there will be lotsa coursework to do and less exam to sit for. It's not a good thing for me though, as I dun really like to do coursework n cant score for most of my coursework. There's a Russian lecturer teaching multiphase system. The can hardly catch wat he said on the first day of class. He's a 50+ uncle, yet the first Q jerry asked me was : Lengchai or not? when i first told him bout this Russian lecturer. Swt.. He's having the same style as Prof cloke. Muahaha~~

Miss you all a lot~~

Monday, August 27, 2007

不能说的秘密 预告篇 Secrets I Can't Tell Trailer


看着这部戏的时候就好像回到了初恋的时候, 回到那单纯快乐的日子。 戏中男女主角的小动作如打勾勾许下承诺,耍花腔, 骑脚踏车回家,女配角上课的时候偷瞄男主角,在大树下吃冰淇淋。。。 许多许多的小动作。。。 不尽让我有所感慨, 随的岁月的增长不知什么时候开始,好像找不回以前的单纯, 只能通过镜头找回那种感觉。以前还真的认为有情饮水能饱,现在想想还真可笑。

没有不能说的秘密, 只有不能错过的秘密


Thursday, August 23, 2007

International Fireworks Competition 2007

This is the first International Fireworks competition organised by Malaysia from 18 August to 2 September in Putrajaya. Nations from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia are competing for the Merdeka trophy. For further info about the Schedule, how to go, where is it, ticket price etc.

If you want to go, park your car somewhere near the convention centre and walked up to the hill which is the BEST FREE VIEW we found accidentally. Haha. It's facing the bridge and back facing the convention centre. ( We were unwilling to pay for RM5 to enter the fun fair just to use the toilet, so we drove around to seek for toilet and found out this strategic view accidentally) We were laughing at those who watched by the road side. Muahaha~~ EVIL!!!
I shall go back to watch on 25/08/2007 to support Italy team. Too bad that I will be back to Miri on 28/08, no chance to watch Japan and final. Sob Sob.. Nicholas promised to record on 30/08, so at least i can watch from the video clip. But it's not live, not syiok. What about Final? Is there anyone going?

L-R: YapYung (Nic's ex housemate), QianHui, LP, Nic's uncle

Hoho~~ Future couple??!! Ahem Ahem.. (Nic, is there anything you want to say?) This photo was taken by me!! ME!! ME!! The photo shooting skill was excellent rite? Muahaha~~ (BTW, how to avoid the shadow on the face? Any expert can tell me?) It's really a nice view.
I will upload the video clip took by Nic soon.
Special thanks to Nic's Fe-230!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CS's Bday party in Loong Foong

It was more like our class gathering. We ate delicious food from Loong Foong. Yummy Yummy~~ Slurrp Slurrp~~ You would know after seeing how kokyew ate the pork hand. Haha.. Their mission was to get CS drunk. Unfortunately their mission wasn't accomplished. It's either because CS really can drink or they were lacked of whisky. Ppl hardly got drunk by just drinking moderate amount of Beer + Guiness right? Please continue your mission in UK. Lolz!!

The 4 colleague from Lotus who are young and cheerful. Cheers!!
They all are predicting CheeSiong will be the coming MCA president and Mr Justin Wong will be the PR Officer. Haha.. What about KokYew, Alan and Nicholas? Hmm.. I think Nicholas can be the secretary, Alan should be in the military deparment and Kokyew in the account department. Muahaha~~ I m juz simply crap~~

Friday, August 17, 2007

I feel moody~~ Holiday is going to end soon. 85% of my coursemates are going to UK. I dun want to study in the tiny classroom with only 7 students in the class. Isn't it lonely?

I can no longer fishing, day dreaming, sms, answering phone call, having breakfast, eating candy, chewing gum, drawing sth and passing around, etc etc in the class. OMG.. During exam period, will there be someone willing to spend time to teach me how to do pass yr paper in the library? (If YOU happen to read this post, I am here to THANK YOU!! Esp last sem Energy Management, PDC ++ I suddenly forgot the name of the modules. @.@)

Gonna miss you all~~~

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Star of The Day~ CheeSiong

Cheers birthday boy!! I know you like the food in this Korean restaurant, have u brought your mum there to try out the food? If not please hurry up before you go to UK. Haha..

I dun really know you during year 1 in MISC building but I always heard Kahlin talked about you coz both of you were labmates and I guessed you can't remember my name at that time. Lolz~~ ACE gave me the opportunity to know you well and in the end you have become our 5th 'ji mui'. CheeSiong is playing multiple roles in my life. Hmm.. Si fu- the one who would come to my house to teach and explain how to do those past yr paper instead of I go to his place. He has brought us to a lot of places by using his cute Cowy Atos. He's a perfectionist and always tries his best to do everything. I am really PUI FUK!!! Haha.. I would like to keep this post short even there are still a lot more to write.

It was taken in Loong Foong during yr 3 Lou Sang gathering + Einstein's Bday

I was feeding CS to eat Rose. Healthy + Nutritious + High Fibre. See he was eating happily. Do you want somemore?

2006 ACE Xmas gathering in Kajang Pizza Hut. He got my snowman. Haha..

2007 July, Satay celuk in Melaka. I still prefer the Pork satay.

Cempedak Cempedak!! I am now kinda scared of Cempedak

I still remembered that I was in 'Pan Mee' group.

Please continue reading, still got somemore to go:

** Li Ping ** says:
Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!
** Li Ping ** says:
CS, I treasure our friendship so much, I am sure I won't forget you in the future, I really appreciate all the good things you have done to me and Keep in touch when you go to UK. Take care!!
** Li Ping ** says:
I hope you can still remember my name 10 years after we graduated. Lolz~~

Basit. says:
Happy birthday
basit. says:
dont drink too much and stay safe in UK

Alan says:
Happy 22nd Birthday my Friend!! Hope you'll achieve whatever you aimed for in life!
Alan says:

~~Yinn says:
~~Yinn says:
Wish you have a very Happy 22nd Birthday!!! May all your s come true in the coming yr...
~~Yinn says:
From Yin Leei

KID=1412 says:
ok then i wish him happy birthday and also take care cause he is going to UK, be happy and healthy ad also keep in touch

J3rRy @ KK! says:
Happy Birthday! C u in UK! haha

Ming Foo - Today is a brand new happy day! says:
Happy Birthday my ex housemate!!! All the best to you for studying in the uk. Do keep in touch yeah my friend!

LooKing at BRIGHT side of things NOW! says:
Dear Chee Siong
Just a lil note here, wishing you a great Birthday as u celebrate it today....
LooKing at BRIGHT side of things NOW! says:
Also,i would like to wish that u'll alwiz stay HAPPY,HEALTHY & HANDSOME always!!
LooKing at BRIGHT side of things NOW! says:
Haha..the triple Hs...Don't ever 4get me!!

cEp@ says:
If life is a game, I wish you always win;
if life is a journey, I wish you walk on roses;
if life is joy, I wish you always smile;
if life is about enjoying, I wish you Happy Birthday!

tanesⒸ !!!! says:
to the seong's fren,
tanesⒸ !!!! says:
happy 22nd birthday
may all good things happen to you today
tanesⒸ !!!! says:
try to maintain your body size by keep on finding nice food around nottingham (or perhaps UK)

Nicholas Chen says:
Nicholas Chen says:
Nicholas Chen says:
and wish you have a blast birthday and all dream come true
MeiYee says:
CheeSiong, the big bro of the class who has been organised lotsa activities. Happy Birthday!! C ya on 18th Sept in KLIA.

soon yee," bought myself a good book. =)" says:
hi chee siong, happy birthday. wish you find total fulfillment in every aspect of your life.
Kelvin say:
Happy Birthday Chee Siong. Wish you all the best in the coming years..

cheehou. says:
cheehou: Happy Bday Cheesiong!!! You're such a COOL fren and hsemate! All the best in coming years!

z(^_^)z~~munyee~~o(>.<)o says: Wish chee siong Happy Birthday and Happy forever!!

Well, Birthday boy, are you crying now? (Too Gam Dong) Haha.. It's time to choose the BEST message of the day and there should be prizes for the winner rite? Lolz~~
Chee Siong, Happy Birthday!!!
From all of Us~~
*I shall upload a group photo after the party

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1.5 Week Time To Go Home

I will be heading back home in 1.5 week time. Haha.. It's time to go back home to spend my time with family. I shall list out what am I going to do within that 2 weeks in home town. Let me see.. Hmm..

1) Type 12 weeks intern report, go back the palm oil mill to get my ex-supervisor signature + visit my ex- colleague. (This is killing me)

2) Accompany mum to go for body checkup

3) Go to see dentist, one of my wisdom tooth seem to be 'cacat', growing in the wrong direction

4) Become part time baby sitter. I have bought some cute things to make sure my niece would love me so much and stick to me when I go back. ( I hv got her a pair of skirt, going to get her stickers n some stationery n of course her favourite candy + keropok). This is called TACTIC. Haha.. Eventhough she's only 2 yrs old, she is just like a small 'adult' and very 'ke poh'. Well, my brother said that she's just like me. BUT I DENIED!!! NO NO NO!!!

5) I miss my mum's cooking

6) I miss the sunset in Miri

I feel like getting sick very soon as I am surround with sick ppl. I must stand strong to fight with all the Virus + Bacteria around me. Ah Za...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nicholas Birthday Celebration

We organised a surprise Bday celebration to Nicholas on 31st July 2007. ( Half mth ago, I know tat I am a bit outdated to post it. Haha) I am in a rush to balik rumah. Bye Bye..

A Short Message to Nic
I know you more within this 3 months of summer holiday. I feel glad to have such an understanding and caring friend like you. Well, like what I wished you on your Bday -> Get a GF asap in UK. Haha~ May your wish come true. Thanks for the sacrifaction to wake up so early to fetch me to LRT station. Hey ppl, Nic can cook different types of pasta, make appointment with him to try out his cooking skill. His cooking skill is really 'dak dak dei'. Lolz~~

Thursday, July 26, 2007

KokYew's Bday Celebration in Decanter ( Hartamas). Kokyew looks extremely cute in this pic.

Cake cutting session. He took quite long to make his wishes. Haha..

Cake feeding session.

This girl has the same birthday with Kokyew, but age wise. Hmm.. I'm not very sure

Just lazy to type things.
NOTE: All the pic posted were stolen from Jerry and CheeSiong