Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mooncake Fest pic~~

We played lanterns and candles in the play ground near ChinHoe's house. There were about 20 juniors joined us. We din really have time to mix up or take a group picture coz it rained out of a sudden. Grr...

With our Bees, Mashimaro and Transformer lanterns.

We were trying to burn Chinhoe's house. Keke..

My Lovely housemates: (L-R) Ivan, ChinHoe, Qianhui, HuiJiun and me.

This picture 'sui' or not? Sui dang dang~~ Haha.. Lolz..
*My first blog in blogspot was about last yr mooncake festival. You would see a big difference in the amount of ppl in the pic. Plz click on to have a look.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy MoonCake Festival!!!

Tonite I'm going to celebrate with housemates. Lanterns, candles are ready, we gonna burn Chinhoe's house. Oops.. I'm juz kidding. Haha.. One of the Kawaii Bee lantern is mine.

Juz now I went to eat broga pan mee. After eating half way, I realised my bowl of pan mee 'ka liu', which is in high protein with hair inside. Swt.. I had no appetite to continue it.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


A fren of mine told me about this stupid robbery in Bandar Sunway Semenyih. There were 3 'robbers' who broke in a house in bandar sunway semenyih at nite time. The 'robbers' tied the girl's hand by using hand phone charger and asked the guy to hold a big pillow then tied his hands up. Their hands were shaking when showing out the knife. They just took gas stove, maggie mee, some food, money away.

There was a v nice laptop in the room which they never took away. I guess it's sth useless to them, what they want is daily neccesity. After the robbers left, the couple went to the guard house seek for help. One of the guard was sleeping while the other one was playing computer game. The guard who was sleeping asked his colleague to go, but his colleague said : Takut lah... Swt.. In this case, what for having the two guards?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

First week of Sem 7

The class has become so quiet. There are 7 MEng + 4 Msc students at the moment. OMG!! I miss all of my coursemates in UK so much. I guess all of them are having a great time in nottingham campus n are bz settling down.

It gonna a bz semester as there will be lotsa coursework to do and less exam to sit for. It's not a good thing for me though, as I dun really like to do coursework n cant score for most of my coursework. There's a Russian lecturer teaching multiphase system. The can hardly catch wat he said on the first day of class. He's a 50+ uncle, yet the first Q jerry asked me was : Lengchai or not? when i first told him bout this Russian lecturer. Swt.. He's having the same style as Prof cloke. Muahaha~~

Miss you all a lot~~