Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday !!
to my Xmas tree~~
This tree was planted one year ago. Just now I went to Ruo Mei's place to learn how to 'bake' Tiramitsu. It's now in the fridge, I'll post up the pic if it's a success one. Lolz~~
Xmas is just around the corner. But life is super bz as it's the end of the semester, tonnes of coursework to be completed. OMG!! There are too many due dates to meet. *Sob Sob* And my stupid kingston pendrive went wrong at this moment! SHit!! I dun even hv the free time to get a new one. Who has extra pen drive??
Once again, wish my tree happy birthday. Please feel free to drop any message on the tree. If u insist to send me present, plz send it to No1, TTS2/4A, Taman Tasik Semenyih..... Haha...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fish Leong (梁靜茹) - 崇拜


看了它的mv更是让我一头雾水. 它真正要表达的意思是什么呢? 有没有人可以告诉我?

是不是那女孩崇拜那老人, 但老人以为爱,就是被爱. 女孩失望, 认为老人挥霍了她的崇拜, 结果选择离开?



Friday, November 16, 2007

ACE Hotdog Eating Competition

Just for those who doesnt know about ACE, actually it's a charity society in nottingham m'sia campus. ACE stands for Action with Compassion and Empathy. Hmm.. This is the first activity organised by the committee. Wat a success for them!! As u can c the crowd from the pic below. All the committee members + some helpful volunteers members came to help up. So far, ACE has been organised lotsa activities throughout the years. Haha.. This yr I'm the student advisor for this society aka goyang kaki committee. I seldom attend the meeting coz it clashes with my lecture time. BUT i did attend this activity. Hmm.. Let's c those pic taken by cameraman.

It's really a multi nationalities compatition coz we hv contestants from Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc... I guess this guy is a mobility student from UK nottingham? The was one of the contestant in the final.

C!! We hv a representative from LABUAN!! ( I know labuan is not a country tho) Haha..

Hey guy, the way u eat juz dun seem to be u r hving a competition. Lol..

C!! Another rep from SARAWAK!!!

Ohyeah! SWALLOWING food is faster than EATING rite?

Winner of the Competition. Who ate 8 sausage+bread within 3min in the first round and 4.5 superior sausage bread in the final in 3min oso.

She is this yr ACE president. As the pic shown, tat's the 'superior' sausage bread for the finale.
To check out more pictures,

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To Pang,

Almost all of ur frens call u Jason, but i prefer to call u Pang.

I know that u r v stress with ur exam preparation. Chill chill.. Think of the good time after the exam when u can come back to Malaysia. Do u Miss ur mum's cooking? Do u Miss ur nieces n nephew? Do u Miss ur Lahad Datu frens? Do u Miss Tanjung Aru Beach? Do u Miss me? Haha..

Haih.. I miss the time we spent together..

There was a time when u drove all the way to buy us 7-11 float coz we told u that we wanted to drink. The sofa in ur sis house was comfortable. We watched Ice Age 1 in ur sis house rite? ( I guess tat sofa is no longer there?) Y din u invite us to ur house for dinner as u always cook for ur sis n boyboy. The instant soup meehoon with egg i cooked for u was supposed to be with SOUP, somehow i poured too little water n ended up to be DRY Meehoon with egg. Lolz.. Wat a good 'chief'!!!

SA 2961 W.. The car which brought us to hang around KK. We wished tat ur car would drink milk, so tat can fly up to mt kinabalu. Muahaha.. Hmm.. Ur driving skill is excellent!! ( Ok, I hv added another good point of u to the list)

Hmm.. U used to be my Master during the Trip to Kundasang while I was ur Angel. In the end of the trip, u gave me a v v big Origami. Our group scored the highest point for the acting session. Aaron aka Bio Tan, U aka Emily Tiong, Ahseng n me were the students being scolded by u, SR was extremely good in imitating the way Bio Tan speaks. I hv forgotten wat's the role of Peijen, iggy n shanmin..

Ohya, u hv ur own 'language' rite?? Pang Peng Piang Pong Pung Peng.. Somehow I hv forgotten how to create a sentence using ur language.. I'm sorry bout tat..

Wish u good luck in ur exam. Gambateh!! Take care!!

I hv no idea y does the pic look like this???? ( It 's extremely in good condition b4 i got it uploaded). Hoho.. So happy tat u all cant c how do i look like during A level time.. Bler.. =P