Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ooopsss... My blog has been abundant for quite sometime. I just realised that the last post was posted on 7th March. I have moved out from Semenyih jungle and am staying in Kelana Jaya temporary with my A level mate, Fui Yee. As the contract for this unit of condo gonna expire by end of Aug, I think I have to move for another time. On average, I moved house at least once a year. What a 'GOOD' experience, have to pack, unpack, pack, unpack....

Haha.. Let me show you some pic of my pair of twins nephew. Hmm.. I think they are not identical twins, coz they dun really look indentical. So far, I still dun have the chance to meet them. Can't wait to take picture with this pair of twins. Hehe..

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