Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Basit's Bday BBQ party
Last saturday we went to Basit's bday party. He offered us lotsa CHICKEN, from normal bbq sauce chicken, his dad home made curry chicken, to Kenny Roger's chicken. Walao eh.. CheeSiong told me that he ate 15 pieces of chicken (Drunmstick + chicken wing). Faint... after that, we went to BRJ yamcha. It was the place I used to hang out a lot when I stayed in Alpha condo during yr 1, kinda miss that place.

Basit dad's Limo. He told us that there are only5 cars in this model in Malaysia and this is one of the five. *Wink* *Wink*

Bday boy cutting cake.

Group Photo for Chem Eng year 3. His house interior design looks like palace.

The cutie kid in yellow shirt is Basit's nephew who is only 4 yrs old. He is so cute~~

cheers~~ No alcohol but sprite and Coke.

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