Thursday, June 07, 2007

Solution found...

Qianhui has found a 'web calculator' in which help you to calculation flowrate, pipe length, etc. It's quite useful, save up lotsa your time to convert to unit SI, you dun need to spend time to find out from book which equation to use... It's juz so easy and simple!!! Juz key in the value, choose the unit and press calculate. ANSWER!!! haha..

Anyway, the answer found is even smaller than what we hand calculated ( with the application of our MAterial knowledge - the module we took during yr 2 sem 1).

The 2 young bosses is not here. The office is more energitic. Usually when either one of the bosses is around, the office is damn quiet and quite tension. The 2 bosses are brother who are quite young ( younger than 30 yrs old). And... Hmm.. Shouldnt talk sth bad of the boss. Haha.. Coz every month I still gonna get RM300 from him.

Yesterday CheeSiong dare me!!! If i dare to 'fried' my boss sotong, he would treat me 3 meals for one WHOLE month. Hmm... I told him that, 30days of meals is definately more than RM300. Worth to think about it rite?? Lolz... As I actually have completed my intership last year.

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