Saturday, September 22, 2007


A fren of mine told me about this stupid robbery in Bandar Sunway Semenyih. There were 3 'robbers' who broke in a house in bandar sunway semenyih at nite time. The 'robbers' tied the girl's hand by using hand phone charger and asked the guy to hold a big pillow then tied his hands up. Their hands were shaking when showing out the knife. They just took gas stove, maggie mee, some food, money away.

There was a v nice laptop in the room which they never took away. I guess it's sth useless to them, what they want is daily neccesity. After the robbers left, the couple went to the guard house seek for help. One of the guard was sleeping while the other one was playing computer game. The guard who was sleeping asked his colleague to go, but his colleague said : Takut lah... Swt.. In this case, what for having the two guards?


Anonymous said...

hmm... that is interesting... whose hse is it?? Do i know them? only steal daily products... this robbers are really funny... if it is me, I will have taken the laptop to sell for more money... hahahhaa...CS

LiPing said...

I dunno who were the unlucky one. Haha.. Coz it's not first hand news. I got it from the victim's fren's fren.