Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mooncake Fest pic~~

We played lanterns and candles in the play ground near ChinHoe's house. There were about 20 juniors joined us. We din really have time to mix up or take a group picture coz it rained out of a sudden. Grr...

With our Bees, Mashimaro and Transformer lanterns.

We were trying to burn Chinhoe's house. Keke..

My Lovely housemates: (L-R) Ivan, ChinHoe, Qianhui, HuiJiun and me.

This picture 'sui' or not? Sui dang dang~~ Haha.. Lolz..
*My first blog in blogspot was about last yr mooncake festival. You would see a big difference in the amount of ppl in the pic. Plz click on to have a look.


CS said...

haha... who is photographer?? so PRO for the last picture.... looks real good... the posing was good too... hahha

LiPing said...

Ruo Mei was the photographer. *Clapping* Lolz~~