Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Hong Mei's Bday

Plz dun ask me whether it's her 20th Birthday. Frankly speaking, I dunno. Women are mostly sensitive in telling ppl's their age. Btw, she's the one n only friend who seems to be very blur about her birthday.

Who never wished her from UK? Be honest!!!! Haha... Well, all these pictures seem to be quite out-dated as they were taken last month. There are some more taken using Grace's camera- pink in colour.

There was a day in last sem, Kah Lin told me it's HongMei's bday (Lunar calendar), so we decided to give her a surprise. We went to Fajar to buy her a Tiramitsu cake with Red Egg prepared by ourselves. Three of us ( Imelda, Kah Lin, me) went to her house. She was really surprise, coz it was not her Bday!!!! haha.. I felt shy, super shy.. Haha.. But it is now part of our memory.

Birthday Drink given by Beach Cafe. FOC!! Alan Dai Go posed with the drink. Basically it's just syrup Ice blended.


CS said...

serious!! I did not know when is Hong Mei's Birthday.... can you pls help me wish her Happy Belated Birthday for me!!! Thanks a lot... haha

LiPing said...

Well, unim lectures started after her bday for the previous years, so we had never celebrated with her. Ok, I ll send ur Bday wish to her when I meet her. Perhaps might be during sing k session. Haha.. Wanna join?