Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday !!
to my Xmas tree~~
This tree was planted one year ago. Just now I went to Ruo Mei's place to learn how to 'bake' Tiramitsu. It's now in the fridge, I'll post up the pic if it's a success one. Lolz~~
Xmas is just around the corner. But life is super bz as it's the end of the semester, tonnes of coursework to be completed. OMG!! There are too many due dates to meet. *Sob Sob* And my stupid kingston pendrive went wrong at this moment! SHit!! I dun even hv the free time to get a new one. Who has extra pen drive??
Once again, wish my tree happy birthday. Please feel free to drop any message on the tree. If u insist to send me present, plz send it to No1, TTS2/4A, Taman Tasik Semenyih..... Haha...

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