Friday, November 16, 2007

ACE Hotdog Eating Competition

Just for those who doesnt know about ACE, actually it's a charity society in nottingham m'sia campus. ACE stands for Action with Compassion and Empathy. Hmm.. This is the first activity organised by the committee. Wat a success for them!! As u can c the crowd from the pic below. All the committee members + some helpful volunteers members came to help up. So far, ACE has been organised lotsa activities throughout the years. Haha.. This yr I'm the student advisor for this society aka goyang kaki committee. I seldom attend the meeting coz it clashes with my lecture time. BUT i did attend this activity. Hmm.. Let's c those pic taken by cameraman.

It's really a multi nationalities compatition coz we hv contestants from Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc... I guess this guy is a mobility student from UK nottingham? The was one of the contestant in the final.

C!! We hv a representative from LABUAN!! ( I know labuan is not a country tho) Haha..

Hey guy, the way u eat juz dun seem to be u r hving a competition. Lol..

C!! Another rep from SARAWAK!!!

Ohyeah! SWALLOWING food is faster than EATING rite?

Winner of the Competition. Who ate 8 sausage+bread within 3min in the first round and 4.5 superior sausage bread in the final in 3min oso.

She is this yr ACE president. As the pic shown, tat's the 'superior' sausage bread for the finale.
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