Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day cum Bday Celebration

Hey Hey, Happy Birthday to myself and Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!! How was ur Valentine's Day celebration? Once again, ACE sold roses in uni on valentine's day. This yr the response seems to be not bad eventhough a lot of the students are still celebrating CNY in their home town. Something special is tat we have Blue and Purple Roses. Well, it's actually the transformation from white roses and not the original one.

Well, we ( my coursemates + housemates who are still SINGLE) went for dinner at Han Woo Ri around Ampang Korean Village. Yummy Yummy.. My fav dishes are the Fried Glass Noodles and BBQ Beef. Slurrp~~

Brinjal is my n Qianhui's Fav!! Since all the side dishes are 'EAT all you can', so both of us keep asking for refill. Hohoho... Pai Seh Pai Seh..

BBQ Beef!!

We were too bz to eat, din manage to take pic for all the dishes we ordered. ZzZz...
To my surprise, the waiter came in wiv a cake after dinner. Thanks Thanks.. Muacks~~ Group pictures were taken using Grace's pic, I shall upload them next time.

cake eating session!!!
by using a CHOPSTICK. Damn Canggih~~ Lolz!!

Huijiun, QianHui, Me and Pin Pin
The dress code Colour for the dinner was BLACK. Chin Hoe was asking 'Y Black? We should wear cny colour'. It was v last min notification to everyone. So Black is the safest colour, everyone definitely has this colour of shirt in the wardrobe. Somemore, our coursemate, Mr Basit only wear Black colour shirt. Wat would happen if the dress code colour was PINK?? Lolz... Sin Wei din know about this as i forgotten to inform him, yet he wore all in black, from shirt to sandals coincidently. Smart!!! Haha..
Hoho.. Glad to receive calls from Uk. Syiok nyer~~
Thank you so much to all of my friends who sent all the wishes whether thru sms, msn, phone call etc... I LOVE YOU all~~ Muacks~~
* Condition: Running Nose + SoreThroat... T_T


alicia wern said...

Hey, i love the roses!its so beautiful..

peijen said...

happy belated birthday,so sorry for this late wish,hehe

LiPing said...

Lolz!! Alicia, How was ur Valentine's day celebration in UK? =)

PeiJen, Thank you.