Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Visit to Tanjung Bin Power Plant
Tanjung Bin Power Plant is situated in Pontian, Johor, an Ulu place facing the sea. Since it's a new plant, everything are still in good condition and look so new. This visit took us about 14 hrs.. *Faint* Yet we only spent about 2hrs in the plant (briefing, lunch, tour).

Plant Entrance

The AngMoh on the right is the new Lecturer who took over air pollution from Dr Andy Chan. HE REALLY TALKS A LOT.......

How come they never re-inforce reverse parking in the plant?? What if emergency happen to the plant?

The cafeteria in the power plant looks like Starbucks~~ Lolz..
Hoho.. I'm goin home TODAY!! Wish u all Happy Chinese New Year!! Enjoy the holiday, Muacks~~

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