Friday, May 18, 2007

I ended my year 3 student life on 17th May, which was the last day of my exam. The last paper was as tough as we thought of, yet cant really score it. Y? Maybe we hv our mind set : This module is tough!!

Hurray!!! We took lotsa picture af ter the exam. Most of my classmates are going to UK next semester, so we grabbed the chance to take as many pictures as possible.

Justin Wong - The 'unofficial' PR officer of Nottingham.

My RnD groupmates
L: Nicholas, Me, CheeSiong, Basit

My beloved jimui
L:Kahlin, Hongmei, ME & Imelda

ShiawFui, u seem like want to rape Jerry??? Haha..

Grace, the smartest girl in our class.

My 5th ji mui, ---> CheeSiong~~
After that, we went to chill out in Genting... Muahaha..

We had our Supper + Breakfast in Petaling Street at around 4am. This is how petaling street looks like early in the morning. It looks so empty if compared with day time.