Sunday, May 13, 2007

There was a little girl who couldnt leave her mum for more than half an hour before she entered kindergarten. This little girl must made sure that her mum was around her and would cry like hell once she couldnt find her mum.
She entered kindergarten in the age of 3. Every morning she followed her mum to kindi happily wiv her favourite hairstyle ( pony tails on the left and right with ribbons). She liked to go to school coz her mum would buy her keropok or candy on the way to sch. At the beginning of the semester. before her mum left the kindi, she started to feel scared and tried to find lots of excuses to make sure her mum stayed back in the classroom/teacher's office. There were few times she 'acted' sick, telling her mum she got stomach ache, fever, dizzy.. etc...
Most of the time, this little girl went home wiv a v messy hairstyle coz she liked to play ' ghost chase human being' with her friends. She was the ghost. (Maybe she was the only one with long hair among her friends?)
As she grew up, she became more independent and started to spend less and less time wiv mum. She went to school early in the morning, had tuition in the evening/ nite time, bz online chatting, shopping in the weekend... She started to neglect her mum n took, care, love from mum for granted... Sometimes she even lose temper on mum when mum noticed she had problem and concerned about her.
After certain incident, she realised that no one in this world loves her as much as her mum and mum always tries to give the best to her. She knew she was wrong and felt very sorry to her mum for being so silly, stupid. Somehow, there is no point to feel regret for wat she has done but learn from mistake, never repeat this.
She knows that mum likes to go travelling, but becoz of her n her brother, mum couldnt manage to travel around so often. She hopes to travel as many places as possible with her parents once she started to work. This is her little wish.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

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