Saturday, May 19, 2007

Kepong CRAB

The day after exam, we continued our Marathon competition by going to eat crab somewhere in Kepong. So sad that I forgot the name of the restaurant. Haha... Anyway, this dinner was eaten at around 10pm, should we call it supper? Lolz..

DengHui is v pro in this. So usually he's the one who pour the tea for us. Thanx a lot.

Take some pic b4 the crabs crawled to our table. Hoho..

This peanuts taste super delicious. Y? Mayb we havent eaten aynthing up to 10pm. Sad nyer..

Apa ni? Tak tau la.. This was the first dish, once it came i dun bother to ask wat is it. Juz eat!!
Haha.. Anyone can tell me wat is it?

Wat is this again?

Jerry looked super CUTe in this pic!! =P

HamSup Lou behaviour? Haha...