Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1.5 Week Time To Go Home

I will be heading back home in 1.5 week time. Haha.. It's time to go back home to spend my time with family. I shall list out what am I going to do within that 2 weeks in home town. Let me see.. Hmm..

1) Type 12 weeks intern report, go back the palm oil mill to get my ex-supervisor signature + visit my ex- colleague. (This is killing me)

2) Accompany mum to go for body checkup

3) Go to see dentist, one of my wisdom tooth seem to be 'cacat', growing in the wrong direction

4) Become part time baby sitter. I have bought some cute things to make sure my niece would love me so much and stick to me when I go back. ( I hv got her a pair of skirt, going to get her stickers n some stationery n of course her favourite candy + keropok). This is called TACTIC. Haha.. Eventhough she's only 2 yrs old, she is just like a small 'adult' and very 'ke poh'. Well, my brother said that she's just like me. BUT I DENIED!!! NO NO NO!!!

5) I miss my mum's cooking

6) I miss the sunset in Miri

I feel like getting sick very soon as I am surround with sick ppl. I must stand strong to fight with all the Virus + Bacteria around me. Ah Za...


Karen said...

my wisdom tooth also a bit wayward...picking up courage to see the dentist to CABUT.

LiPing said...

Haha.. How come most ppl have prob with their wisdom tooth? I thought a person will be wiser after wisdom tooth has grown out?