Thursday, August 16, 2007

Star of The Day~ CheeSiong

Cheers birthday boy!! I know you like the food in this Korean restaurant, have u brought your mum there to try out the food? If not please hurry up before you go to UK. Haha..

I dun really know you during year 1 in MISC building but I always heard Kahlin talked about you coz both of you were labmates and I guessed you can't remember my name at that time. Lolz~~ ACE gave me the opportunity to know you well and in the end you have become our 5th 'ji mui'. CheeSiong is playing multiple roles in my life. Hmm.. Si fu- the one who would come to my house to teach and explain how to do those past yr paper instead of I go to his place. He has brought us to a lot of places by using his cute Cowy Atos. He's a perfectionist and always tries his best to do everything. I am really PUI FUK!!! Haha.. I would like to keep this post short even there are still a lot more to write.

It was taken in Loong Foong during yr 3 Lou Sang gathering + Einstein's Bday

I was feeding CS to eat Rose. Healthy + Nutritious + High Fibre. See he was eating happily. Do you want somemore?

2006 ACE Xmas gathering in Kajang Pizza Hut. He got my snowman. Haha..

2007 July, Satay celuk in Melaka. I still prefer the Pork satay.

Cempedak Cempedak!! I am now kinda scared of Cempedak

I still remembered that I was in 'Pan Mee' group.

Please continue reading, still got somemore to go:

** Li Ping ** says:
Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday!!
** Li Ping ** says:
CS, I treasure our friendship so much, I am sure I won't forget you in the future, I really appreciate all the good things you have done to me and Keep in touch when you go to UK. Take care!!
** Li Ping ** says:
I hope you can still remember my name 10 years after we graduated. Lolz~~

Basit. says:
Happy birthday
basit. says:
dont drink too much and stay safe in UK

Alan says:
Happy 22nd Birthday my Friend!! Hope you'll achieve whatever you aimed for in life!
Alan says:

~~Yinn says:
~~Yinn says:
Wish you have a very Happy 22nd Birthday!!! May all your s come true in the coming yr...
~~Yinn says:
From Yin Leei

KID=1412 says:
ok then i wish him happy birthday and also take care cause he is going to UK, be happy and healthy ad also keep in touch

J3rRy @ KK! says:
Happy Birthday! C u in UK! haha

Ming Foo - Today is a brand new happy day! says:
Happy Birthday my ex housemate!!! All the best to you for studying in the uk. Do keep in touch yeah my friend!

LooKing at BRIGHT side of things NOW! says:
Dear Chee Siong
Just a lil note here, wishing you a great Birthday as u celebrate it today....
LooKing at BRIGHT side of things NOW! says:
Also,i would like to wish that u'll alwiz stay HAPPY,HEALTHY & HANDSOME always!!
LooKing at BRIGHT side of things NOW! says:
Haha..the triple Hs...Don't ever 4get me!!

cEp@ says:
If life is a game, I wish you always win;
if life is a journey, I wish you walk on roses;
if life is joy, I wish you always smile;
if life is about enjoying, I wish you Happy Birthday!

tanesⒸ !!!! says:
to the seong's fren,
tanesⒸ !!!! says:
happy 22nd birthday
may all good things happen to you today
tanesⒸ !!!! says:
try to maintain your body size by keep on finding nice food around nottingham (or perhaps UK)

Nicholas Chen says:
Nicholas Chen says:
Nicholas Chen says:
and wish you have a blast birthday and all dream come true
MeiYee says:
CheeSiong, the big bro of the class who has been organised lotsa activities. Happy Birthday!! C ya on 18th Sept in KLIA.

soon yee," bought myself a good book. =)" says:
hi chee siong, happy birthday. wish you find total fulfillment in every aspect of your life.
Kelvin say:
Happy Birthday Chee Siong. Wish you all the best in the coming years..

cheehou. says:
cheehou: Happy Bday Cheesiong!!! You're such a COOL fren and hsemate! All the best in coming years!

z(^_^)z~~munyee~~o(>.<)o says: Wish chee siong Happy Birthday and Happy forever!!

Well, Birthday boy, are you crying now? (Too Gam Dong) Haha.. It's time to choose the BEST message of the day and there should be prizes for the winner rite? Lolz~~
Chee Siong, Happy Birthday!!!
From all of Us~~
*I shall upload a group photo after the party


CS said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WISHES!!! Really appreciate all of you for your msg.... MOST IMPORTANTLY, A BIG BIG THANK YOU to LI PING for creating this post.... I LOVE IT!!! and to tell the truth.... there is a bit of tears flowing out.... haha "GAM DONG".... once again..... Thank you so much.... You have made my day.....

LiPing said...

You're welcome cheesiong. Good to hear that someone felt gam dong for sth I did for him. Haha.. Frenz forever!!!