Monday, August 13, 2007

Nicholas Birthday Celebration

We organised a surprise Bday celebration to Nicholas on 31st July 2007. ( Half mth ago, I know tat I am a bit outdated to post it. Haha) I am in a rush to balik rumah. Bye Bye..

A Short Message to Nic
I know you more within this 3 months of summer holiday. I feel glad to have such an understanding and caring friend like you. Well, like what I wished you on your Bday -> Get a GF asap in UK. Haha~ May your wish come true. Thanks for the sacrifaction to wake up so early to fetch me to LRT station. Hey ppl, Nic can cook different types of pasta, make appointment with him to try out his cooking skill. His cooking skill is really 'dak dak dei'. Lolz~~


CS said...

Not too late... hahaha at least now we can view some pictures online.... hahaha good promo for Nic.... So I need to make an appointment with Chef Nic to savour his delicious pasta.... oh is it based on his mood.... hahaha... So you guarantee is nice so if not nice, you will need to cook the pasta instead.... hahahahhaa

LiPing said...

Well, I am good in cooking instant noodle. Juz call me if you want to try. Haha..