Thursday, August 23, 2007

International Fireworks Competition 2007

This is the first International Fireworks competition organised by Malaysia from 18 August to 2 September in Putrajaya. Nations from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia are competing for the Merdeka trophy. For further info about the Schedule, how to go, where is it, ticket price etc.

If you want to go, park your car somewhere near the convention centre and walked up to the hill which is the BEST FREE VIEW we found accidentally. Haha. It's facing the bridge and back facing the convention centre. ( We were unwilling to pay for RM5 to enter the fun fair just to use the toilet, so we drove around to seek for toilet and found out this strategic view accidentally) We were laughing at those who watched by the road side. Muahaha~~ EVIL!!!
I shall go back to watch on 25/08/2007 to support Italy team. Too bad that I will be back to Miri on 28/08, no chance to watch Japan and final. Sob Sob.. Nicholas promised to record on 30/08, so at least i can watch from the video clip. But it's not live, not syiok. What about Final? Is there anyone going?

L-R: YapYung (Nic's ex housemate), QianHui, LP, Nic's uncle

Hoho~~ Future couple??!! Ahem Ahem.. (Nic, is there anything you want to say?) This photo was taken by me!! ME!! ME!! The photo shooting skill was excellent rite? Muahaha~~ (BTW, how to avoid the shadow on the face? Any expert can tell me?) It's really a nice view.
I will upload the video clip took by Nic soon.
Special thanks to Nic's Fe-230!!

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