Tuesday, August 21, 2007

CS's Bday party in Loong Foong

It was more like our class gathering. We ate delicious food from Loong Foong. Yummy Yummy~~ Slurrp Slurrp~~ You would know after seeing how kokyew ate the pork hand. Haha.. Their mission was to get CS drunk. Unfortunately their mission wasn't accomplished. It's either because CS really can drink or they were lacked of whisky. Ppl hardly got drunk by just drinking moderate amount of Beer + Guiness right? Please continue your mission in UK. Lolz!!

The 4 colleague from Lotus who are young and cheerful. Cheers!!
They all are predicting CheeSiong will be the coming MCA president and Mr Justin Wong will be the PR Officer. Haha.. What about KokYew, Alan and Nicholas? Hmm.. I think Nicholas can be the secretary, Alan should be in the military deparment and Kokyew in the account department. Muahaha~~ I m juz simply crap~~

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